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Welcome to my personal site 'Universe of YuYa'. You can find some things about me and my life. But it isn't a blog! I've more than enough of them. It's more a place where you can find ME.

Updates/Latest Update: 2011-12-21
Once more I changed the layout. *loves PHP-lays the most for the moment* Hope you like it? It's nearly the same like you are able to see on Drella. Will add the current content too >D

Content added in Cats, Stamps & Lyrics!! But I didn't finished Lyrics yet. They're just a few of the old ones. More is coming soon but currently I don't feel like adding so many lyrics yet...!! BUT please check the CATS AREA out!! So many cute gifs!!! [Attention: This may kill your pc XD - Same goes for STAMPS!!)

Content added in Personal Area and Interest. Only Stamps, Cats and Lyrics are still emtpy... Don't know if I've enough time to fill'em up too tonight...

new Layout and the other stuff will follow soon!!!

updated the Squiby Area!! So you can find all my Squiby's in the Navi - PLS HELP THEM GROW!!

finished the update. Like you see, 'Universe of YuYa' has a new layout! Enjoy it! Manga Area will be updated too if I have enough time the next days, and animes too. So, look forward to the next update :)

Found some mistakes so I corrected them. Now this site works like I want. I added 2 Sqiby's too. Enjoy!