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The NipponNetwork was founded in 2006. Since then Yu felt that she want to do more than just one thing. She's simply intersted in more. So here you'll find a review 'bout all the projects of Yu and a little description.

  • NipponNetworks
    The Main-Site. There you'll find all the other projects of NipponNetworks!
  • Hanabi
    A german Alice Nine Fansite~! If u like this band, you should check this site out! This site includes a profile, discography, a huge gallery and downloads.
  • Devas
    A site where you can find short stories, novelles, fanfictions of Yu, but they're in german.
  • Kochouran
    Yu's Anime & Manga download site~! It isn't much up there, cause Yu updates it whenever she feels boring or has nothing else to do.
  • Drella
    YuYa's personal GFX-Site. You're able to find all her graphics there like wallpaper, signature, icon, arcana, profile banner and so on...
  • Forum
    The forum of NipponNetworks! Again it's in german.

  • NipponNetworks @ Livejournal
    NipponNetworks @ LJ. You'll find updates of all sites there, can leave comments, can make requests. It's your way to talk with us!
  • Hanabi_Crew
    It's a community just for the hanabi crew. There we're talking 'bout next interviews that should be translated, planning on new updates etc.
  • Daron @ Night
    Yu's planning to open a community for all her screencaps she's taking. That's Daron @ Night for... So if you're looking for screencaps, just check this community out! [But it's still under construction!]

  • Yu's personal LJ - engl.
    If you're interested in Yu's life, just visit her blog! Maybe you'll find something interesting?
  • Yu @ Deviantart
    After a looo~ng time Yu decided to join this great Community called Deviantart to say thanks to all these great peoples there. Some of her works will be uploaded there~